Superlative Construction & Performance Coating, a minority and small owned business, was founded by its current management staff, Moses Soudipour, President; and Debra Soudipour, Executive Vice President. They both have over 30 years of experience in working together as a team in the construction, coating, and real estate industry. The founder of our company, Moses Soudipour accumulated his vast knowledge of the industry through education, hands-on experience and as a managing executive of some of the most succssful construction and coating companies in California. It is through those associations and customer relationships that we have maintained an extensive list of clients.

The basic principle on which Superlative Construction & Performance Coating was formed, “Quality with excellence and integrity,” remains our daily focus. We believe that this is a key reason for our high rate of repeat business.

With Superlative Construction & Performance Coating, you have the benefit of working with the above individuals as well as our project managers, through the entire process of construction. This includes cost estimating, value engineering, scheduling, safety, quality control, and cost control.

Superlative Construction & Performance Coating works extensively with all members of the project team (owners, architects, and subcontractors) within the pre-construction phase of the project to ensure a product that exceeds all expectations.

The involvement of the owners of the business makes them directly accountable to you for the company’s overall performance.


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